Founded in 1988, Restaurante O Cantinho is one of the First Restaurants of Carvoeiro, Lagoa, in the Algarve region,we serve Authentic Portuguese and Algarve’s Regional finnest meals. Considered by many one of the best restaurants in Carvoeiro.

We also serve beer, wine and spirits!

The most Portuguese dish
Easy, The Sardines!

We combine traditional preparations with local ingredients for a perfect combination, and to this dish we call it Algarvian Sardines.

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Restaurant Carvoeiro

The Delight of a Lifetime!


At the Restaurante o Cantinho, we serve a tasting menu that highlights the best produce we can source from across all of Portugal, with ideas and inspirations from all around the world.

Our wine list showcases regions from the old and new world, encompassing traditional and modern styles of winemaking, with a focus on Regional artisanal growers.

Come and have a Delight of a Lifetime in one of the most Vintage in all the Carvoeiro Restaurants.

Restaurant Carvoeiro


We are proud Carvoeiro residents, and we make sure that we show it

in our dishes, we use Regional suppliers to replicate the organic Portugal and Algarvian taste!

We are proud to say that we have been elected multiple times one of th best Restaurant Carvoeiro!

Come and Delight with us!

Estrada do Farol Nº78 | 8400-505 Carvoeiro

(351) 282 358 234